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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the staff to child ratio?

Our staff to child ratio is unbeatable! We pride ourselves on having more teachers per child than the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) requires. This enables us to individualize learning within our small groups. We further divide our classes into smaller groups according to children's needs, maturity levels, abilities, and attention spans so that all children are progressing at their own pace.

Staff:Child Ratio
3 staff:
9 children
3-4 years:
3 staff:
18 children:
2 staff:
18 children

How long have your teachers been employed by you?

Beacon Center prides itself on having a committed and stable staff, many of whom have been with us from 5-20 years.

What are your staff requirements?

We are very discerning about whom we hire to care for the children at Beacon. We look for individuals who have a natural love of, and ability with, children. We require a percentage of our teachers to have a degree in Education or a related field. They should have experience working with children, maturity, warmth, dependability, and a good sense of humor!

What supplies will my child need?

Parents should bring a lunch, change of clothing, and diapers and wipes, if needed.

Do children need to be potty trained?

No. Children may be in diapers. When they are ready, we will help to transition them to the potty with lots of encouragement and humor!

Can parents participate?

Definitely! We encourage parents to be involved at Beacon Center by being an aide in the classroom, an assistant on field trips, or as a participant in activities at school. Your participation and suggestions are most welcome!

How can I find out how my child is doing at school?

We feel it is extremely important to communicate with parents about a child's day, and we do this on a daily basis. We are always happy to sit down and chat with you about how your child is doing. We also provide quarterly written progress reports. Our door is always open to your comments, questions and concerns, and we welcome them.

How is discipline handled?

Very simply - we are consistent about our simple set of rules designed for your child's safety and well being, and use a positive approach when disciplining children. Children are often "testing the waters", or are just learning to communicate and need lots of attention, guidance, consistency, love and humor when learning "right from wrong".

What is the application process?

Please call to arrange a visit to the school. At this time an application will be given. Upon receipt of application and application fee, you will be contacted when a space becomes available for your child. If no spaces are available at the time of application, you will be placed on our waiting list, and will be contacted when there is a space.  We accept applications all year round.

Once we are able to confirm a space, a deposit of 1 months' tuition is required. This covers the first month's tuition; one half month is held as a deposit and returned upon 30 days' advance notice of withdrawal. 

The following additional forms are required:
  • Health form
  • Emergency info/contact form
  • Enrollment confirmation form
  • Agreement
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