Learning Through Play

Learning Through Play – There’s more than meets the eye

What’s this “learning through play” all about? For preschoolers, play and learning go hand in hand. Play develops childrens’ social and emotional skills, physical abilities, and cognitive skills. For young children, play is joyful and provides an outlet for anxiety and stress. In case you’re wondering, here are some other things that are happening while children are playing:

Children are:

  • Exploring their senses
  • Thinking of new ideas to try
  • Making up stories (outlandish tales, colorful riddles)
  • Relaxing!
  • Laughing and being silly with friends!
  • Developing memory skills
  • Learning to be a good friend
  • Developing literacy and math skills
  • Being architects with blocks and legos, (building intricate tunnels and cities)
  • Playing make believe, (creating a menu for a pretend restaurant)
  • Learning to problem solve, negotiate
  • Developing new vocabulary
  • Learning to be assertive
  • Learning to share, to be cooperative and flexible
  • Learning to feel good about themselves
  • Making independent choices
  • Seeing consequences and learning concepts of “cause and effect”
  • Developing self expression and emotional expression
  • Learning to be patient, to take turns
  • Learning how to connect events, feelings and thoughts

and the list goes on….